Learning The Secret - The Good Is Here (3 programs)

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- Are you ready to be the fullest version of yourself?
- What does it mean to truly live a Good Life?
- Are you ready to move from our society's common way of thinking to a higher consciousness?

Ready or Not, the Good Is Here! Rev. Michael delivered three separate sermons over the course of three weeks, addressing this theme, at his church in Culver City, California. Enjoy them on your computer or MP3 player -- wherever and whenever you need inspiration!

The Programs Included in this Package Include:

- Transcend and Transformation
- A Good Life
- From Mass Trans to Trance Mass

Customers who have subscribed to the may have already received these downloads. Should you join the Community later, you will receive other downloads in the place of these.

What People Are Saying:

"I am 51 years old and have just come to the realization of what my purpose is. All these years, I have hoped that when I discovered what my purpose was, it would match the wonders and grace of, say, Mother Theresa. I didn't recognize that no matter what my purpose was, I was here to fulfill it... to ignore it because of its simplicity is tragic. I am here to spread light and love. How wonderful is that? The Secret has helped silence the doubts, open my ears and eyes to what's been here all my life. Big Love Big Life." meardis

"Maybe they are not my talents but the Source's talents; The Universe is just expressing itself through me... It is a journey of spirit to come to terms, but this has given me the information to do so. Blessings to all." Akasha W.

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Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs3


Program Title Duration
Ready Or Not, The Good Is Here: From Mass Trance to Trans Mass 59:03
Ready Or Not, The Good Is Here: A Good Life 59:03
In Celebration Of The Way: Trancend and Transformation 59:07
Total Time 2:57:13