Revelation 2008 Session 4: Journey into the Quickening with Bishop Carlton D. Pearson

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In this video recording of the fourth session of the Revelation 2008 conference, Bishom Carlton D. Pearson exhorts us to “Listen to the Voice.” In our journey into the quickening, the cosmic small print says that at times we will be required to give up the lesser for the greater, which is to say that we sometimes have to loose to gain, we sometimes have to take a step back so that we may take two steps forward.  The journey into the quickening is the walk of  faith willingly taken by the committed spiritual practitioner.  By listening to the voice, each step will be strengthened and each surrender quickened.

Led by Michael Bernard Beckwith, D.D., Founder and Spiritual Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center, the Revelation 2008 program offers a transformational intergenerational experience of unconditional love, inspiration and a deeper understanding of the spiritual principles that govern the universe.  The Revelation 2008 program features sacred ceremonies, music, spoken word and dance presentations by various Agape performance ministries. 

Bishop Carlton D. Pearson is a celebrated author, speaker and recording artist heralded as “a voice of reason in a world of religious extremes,” who is blazing a new trail of global spiritual leadership with his articulate teachings known as the “Gospel of Inclusion.”

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Revelation 2008: Session 4 - Carlton D. Pearson Part 1 1:02:10
Revelation 2008: Session 4 - Carlton D. Pearson Part 2 1:01:00
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